Mitch’s Birthday

I know Mitch didn’t know what to expect having a birthday with the Crystal family in good ol’ Rexburg, Idaho and all. But Rexburg is an awesome place and the Crystals are awesome people (duh), so I knew we had no reason to fear. We went to the park to ride the carousel but they had closed for the season. We walked over to the playground and just about blew away with the wind. Adrian bought us all lunch at Jimmy John’s where she works (thanks again, Adrian). Our next stop was Cocoa Bean for some special birthday cupcakes.

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Every year we go to visit my family in Idaho. Beautiful Idaho. The last 2 years it’s just been Missy and I because Mitch wasn’t able to get work off. This year was different. He had labor day and his birthday off- 2 days in one week, so it was easier to go for a week. Sweet!

The flight was only 2 hours with Allegiant.

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